What is Pay-Per-Click?

Pay per click advertising is one of the best ways to get visitors to your website immediately.

It’s quick to set up and can start yielding results straight away. 

Understanding Pay-Per-Click is Simple

Search engines like Google allow businesses and individuals to buy listings in their search results. These listings appear along with the natural, non-paid search results and account for over 33% of all search engine visits.

Have you noticed the Ad listings that appear above and down the right hand side of search results on Google? Well, they’re the PPC, or pay-per-click listings. It is very cost effective because you only pay when someone clicks through from your Ad to your website. But, it’s not without risks. Without careful management, it’s easy to spend a fortune, generating a lot of website visits, but with nothing to show for it by way of sales or sign ups.


Beneftits of Pay-Per-Click

Targeted Advertising

Your adverts only show to customers who are specifically searching for your product or service, using targeted keywords as well as location and other metrics - this ensures your ads only show to the customers you want

Value for Money

A fixed monthly budget gives you peace of mind and a budget you can control, leaving you to get on with running your business

Immediate Online Visibility

It can take time for Google to show your website in their natural search results, and work to maintain your position.  With AdWords you can appear at the top of the list straight away


A Google AdWords campaign can be up and running the same day, generating traffic to your site from the moment it launches.  And it can be changed daily too, meaning you can update your offer/service in real-time

Greater ROI (Return on Investment)

With a managed campaign you know that the performance of your adverts is being carefully monitored so only the best performing keywords and adverts are being used and your budget is being spent in the optimal way



As experienced Google AdWords and Analytics experts, we can take away the mystery of Pay-Per-Click and set you up with an optimised Pay-Per-Click campaign that will save you time and money, whilst also increasing traffic to your website.

Here’s a breakdown of what we do:

  • AdWords Account – set up of a personal account with your own access plus added to our client centre for management purposes

  • Google Analytics – link to Google analytics to track and report on your website’s performance before and during your AdWords campaign

  • Business Analysis – understanding your company, industry, and business objectives, to create a unique PPC strategy

  • Competitor Analysis – learning about your competitors to see what works well and not so well for them to help shape your strategy

  • Customer Analysis - confirming your target market in order to customize your campaign to reach your customers

  • Campaign Creation – creation of specific campaigns for your business to ensure direct targeting

  • Keyword Research – finding out what words customers are using to find your product or service to ensure your business is seen every time

  • Advert Creation – writing targeted adverts that sell your product or service and which are unique to each campaign

  • Budget Analysis – ensuring we understand how to get you the most clicks and conversions (sales/leads) for your money

  • Google Consultation – telephone meetings with our personal Google consultant to give additional advice and support

  • Ongoing Maintenance – we pro-active management of your account on at least a weekly basis, making tweaks to improve performance

  • Monthly Reports – detailed review of your campaigns plus an overview of your website’s performance and areas for improvement



We have just one simple package which will suit any size of business. Our management fees are fixed, and will not increase even if your monthly spend does.


£200 initial set up fee

(includes first monthly payment)

£50 per month ongoing

(minimum 6 months total)

£75 of free credit for all new customers in your first month

100% of your allocated AdWords budget goes directly to Google and is spent entirely on advertising your business.


Unlike most other PPC management companies, who charge a fee PLUS a percentage of your AdWords budget, whether you decide to invest £50 or £1000 per month on marketing, our fees remain the same.

This fixed management fee covers all of our services. After the initial 6 months period, we can continue to manage your account at the flat rate of £50 per month for as long as you want us to. Or, we will arrange a handover meeting so we can explain how to manage your account yourself on an ongoing basis, with any hints or tips for the future.